Graduation Section

The Graduation Section (page 4) highlights your exciting journey towards high school graduation! Here, you’ll find a clear breakdown of the semesters needed for each subject area and an update on your community service progress. Keep up the great work and stay on track for your big day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the transcript in the Guide an official transcript?

No. An official transcript must be signed by a school official (administrator or counselor). Many receiving institutions require the transcript to be sealed to be considered official. 

What if there is no transcript in the Guide?

Students who did not have a transcript in their guide did not have an educational record on file at the time the data was pulled. Students should connect with their school counselor. 

How is my on-track or off-track status determined on the Graduation page?

This status is determined by whether the student has passed or is currently enrolled in a key course to satisfy a subject requirement for an on-time graduation. A student may be “off-track” if they did not pass or have not taken a key class within a subject requirement. 

Why does the Graduation page list me as off track if I know that I am on track? 

The Guide reflects your status from February 2024, and will not include classes taken during the Spring 2024 semester. Visit your counselor (listed on page 1 of the Guide) to see how your recent classes impacted your on- or off-track status. 

How many course credits does each check box represent?

Each check box represents .5 credits. 

How is my grade level determined?

9th – 11th Grade Spring Release: The grade level is pulled directly from Aspen and is reflective of the grade level as of February. It also reflects the number of credits earned and key classes passed, such as English or Math.  

12th Grade Fall Release: The grade level is pulled directly from Aspen and is reflective of the grade level as of September. It also reflects the number of credits earned and key classes passed, such as English or Math. 

How is my community service requirement determined? 

Community service hours are determined by your school, diploma track, and year of graduation. Your transcript shows your required community service hours and the hours you have earned as of March 2024.  

Why does my graduation page list my community service as incomplete, when my transcript says I have earned enough hours?

In some circumstances, your graduation page may have miscalculated your community service hours. If you think that your graduation page OR your transcript may be incorrect, see your counselor. 

What if my transcript or grade is incorrect?

You should first connect with your school counselor. Please also email

Do this year’s grades appear on the transcript?

No. Your transcript was generated in February 2024 for this Guide. While the course name and course code will appear on the transcript for this year’s courses, grades will not appear until the course is complete, this includes 0.5 (half-year courses). 

Graduation Glossary

Graduation Requirements The subject area requirements and community service requirements for a student’s diploma type. Students must earn a certain number of credits in each subject area. In the Guide, each check box represents 0.5 credits or one semester.
On-TrackIndicates that the student has earned credit in or is currently enrolled in key courses that satisfy subject requirements for graduation. The student must continue to pass their classes to remain on-track for graduation.
Off-TrackIndicates that the student has not yet passed at least one key course to satisfy a subject requirement for an on-time graduation. Options such as summer school or credit recovery may be necessary for students who are off-track in a subject area. The student should contact their counselor to discuss options to get back on-track for graduation. Remember, there is always time to get back on-track!

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