College Section

In the College Section (page 5), you and your family can dive into the details of the college admission process together. We’ll guide you through understanding how your GPA, test scores, extracurricular activities, and high school classes impact your chances of getting into various colleges. Students in grades 9 & 10 will receive recommendations for Smart Colleges—institutions where you’re likely to thrive based on your academic profile. Students in grade 11 will get a handy checklist to help you prepare for college in your Senior year. Get ready to embark on your college journey with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the College Prep page?

To make the most of the college prep page, start by familiarizing yourself with its content. It covers crucial aspects of college admission, such as your grades, test scores, activities, and high school classes. Additionally, you’ll find information about Financial Aid and making Smart College Choices, which will equip you to make informed decisions. By understanding all of these elements, you’ll be well on your way to crafting a solid plan for college.

Where is my PSAT/SAT score?

PSAT and SAT scores are only available for students who took a test before February 2024. Spring 2024 test scores are available in the student’s CollegeBoard account. In Fall 2024, the PSAT will be offered for students in grades 9-11, and the SAT will be offered for students in grade 12.

Where can I access my Naviance page and how do I log in?

1. Go to:
2. Username: ; Password: (is the student’s birthday): mmddyy
3. Click on the Naviance Icon to be brought to your Naviance page 

How were the colleges chosen?

The Smart College List is a sample list of colleges that have a strong track record of student success and that are popular among students at your high school. The colleges listed do not represent the complete list of options for any given student. Check out our Naviance video to learn more about how to research colleges at

College Glossary

Cost of AttendanceThe total amount that a student will pay toward tuition, books and supplies, housing, fees and other expenses for college.
CSS ProfileThe total amount that a student will pay toward tuition, books and supplies, housing, fees, and other expenses for college.
DC Financial AidA secondary financial aid form (in addition to the FAFSA) required by some colleges & universities to determine eligibility for institutional financial aid.
DCPS PersistsAlumni program that provides DCPS students with a support network to succeed in college. DCPS Persists is FREE for DCPS students enrolling in college. 
Dual EnrollmentProgram in which DCPS students can take free, challenging college courses that are not offered at their home high school, while earning college credit that can be transferred to many postsecondary institutions 
(Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
A form completed by current and prospective college students to determine their eligibility for federal student financial aid. Colleges and scholarship organizations also use the FAFSA to award aid. 
Financial AidAny grant, scholarship, loan, or paid employment offered to help a student pay for their college expenses. A completed FAFSA is required to determine eligibility for federal financial aid as well as aid from many colleges and scholarship organizations.
NaviancePlatform used by DCPS students for college and career planning and applications.
Out of Out-of-Pocket ExpensesCosts that a student is responsible for paying that are NOT covered by scholarships, financial aid, or loans. Out-of-pocket expenses must be paid each semester.
SMART CollegesInstitutions at which you have a higher likelihood of being successful and graduating based on your academic profile.
SuperscoreFor students who have taken the SAT or the ACT multiple times, this is the combination of a student’s highest test score on each section of the test, across multiple dates.
Test-OptionalTest-optional schools do not require that you submit any kind of testing or assessments, like the SAT or ACT, to apply to the university or college. You may choose to submit your scores only if you feel it will help your application. Some schools may encourage you to submit additional materials but do not require you to do so.

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