College Frequently Asked Questions

How do I used the new college prep page?
This new college prep page was created to support you and your family to better understand the major components of the college admission process. Understanding how your GPA, test scores, extracurriculars and course loads through your 4 years of high school impact your likelihood of being accepted to various colleges is the first step towards developing your college plan.
Where is my PSAT/SAT score?
Due to COVID-19, DCPS was not able to offer the PSAT and SAT to its students. With the return to school, DCPS plans to offer the exam in October 2021.
Are the colleges and programs highlighted on the career page the only ones available to me?
No. The colleges highlighted on the career page offer programs connected to the career clusters. These offerings are just a sample and do not reflect the complete range of options.
Where can I access my Naviance page and how do I login?
Go to: Username: Password: (is the student’s birthday): mmddyy *click on Naviance Icon to be brought to your Naviance page
How were the colleges chosen?
This is a sample list of colleges based on historic popularity in applications among students from each high school with a strong track record of student success. Check out our Naviance video to learn more about how to research colleges at *Note, the colleges listed do not reflect the complete range of options for any given student.