College Frequently Asked Questions

How is admission likelihood at each college established and can that change?
The likelihood of admission is based on the student’s GPA and (P)SAT score compared against previous DCPS student application data in Naviance. Remember: many factors go into admission and there is always time to increase admission competitiveness!
How were the colleges chosen?
All seven colleges in DC are listed. The remaining colleges listed reflect a sample of the most applied to colleges by DCPS students and have been successful at promoting student success. *Note, the colleges highlighted do not reflect the complete range of options for any given student.
Are the colleges and programs highlighted on the career page the only ones available to me?
No. The colleges highlighted on the career page offer programs connected to the career clusters. These offerings are just a sample and do not reflect the complete range of options.
Where can I access my Naviance page and how do I login?
Go to: Username: Password: (is the student’s birthday): mmddyy *click on Naviance Icon to be brought to your Naviance page