Start Early- College and Career Clubs

College & Career Clubs is a program that allows middle school students to lead one another, via peer to peer instruction and mentoring, through a two-year college and career exposure curriculum and field trip model. Nationwide, students who have participated are found to have higher short and long-term academic aspirations, improved attendance rates, and decreased behavior issues. We piloted College & Career Clubs at Browne Education Campus, Eliot-Hine Middle School, and Hart Middle School during SY15-16 and have since expanded the program to an additional 7 middle schools.

The following ten middle schools have College and Career Clubs: 

  • Brookland MS
  • Browne EC
  • Eliot-Hine MS
  • Hart MS
  • Jefferson MS
  • Johnson MS
  • Kramer MS
  • Stuart-Hobson MS
  • Takoma EC
  • Wheatly EC