Community College to University Pipelines

What is a 2+2 Pipeline?

This is a transfer option in which students spend two years at a community college and then two years at a university to earn a 4-year degree. Upon completion of a 2-year degree at a community college, students are eligible for guaranteed admission to a participating 4-year university via a Guaranteed Admission Agreement (GAA).

*Some additional criteria for guaranteed admission may apply. Visit the websites and links for more details.

Why pursue a 2+2 pathway?

The two-year community colleges in the link below offer robust academic supports to help ensure success after high school graduation and can help with preparation for a 4-year university. Additionally, the competitive tuition rates at 2-year institutions can help students save thousands compared to beginning at a 4-year institution.

Which schools participate in 2+2 Pipelines and Guaranteed Admission Agreements?

The following 4-year institutions in have guaranteed admission agreements with selected community colleges. Historically, DCPS graduates have experienced academic success and high rates of completion at these institutions.

Click here to view local institutions in the DC Metro area with  2+2 Pipeline pathways.

Click here to view more distant institutions with 2+2 Pipeline pathways.