Meet the Team!

Karime Naime
College Preparedness Programs, College Readiness Curriculum, Early College
Courtney Haddaway Delph
SAT/PSAT Testing, SAT Test Prep, Smart Colleges
Emily Webster
Dual Enrollment, College Exposure
Rachel Venator
Naviance, FAFSA and DC-TAG, Dollars4College Newsletter

Are you thinking about college?  Start here to learn how to prepare for and pay for your education beyond high school.

STEP 1:  Research Colleges

  • Create a list of colleges and discuss the list with your school counselor.
  • Start visiting college campuses and check out the Events page for upcoming college events and fair in the DC metro area. Also, some colleges offer visit and fly-in programs and provide travel stipends for prospective students to attend.
  • Apply for summer enrichment programs to explore your academic and career interests, develop new skills, experience college life and meet other students.

STEP 2:  Take Challenging Classes

  • Colleges care about which courses you take in high school.  DCPS students are eligible to sign up for Dual enrollment and early college programs at participating colleges in the area. Check out the Dual Enrollment page for information on how to sign-up.

STEP 3: Prepare for the College Entrance Exams

  • Most colleges require students to submit ACT or SAT scores, while some selective schools may also require additional SAT subject tests. Check out the DCPS SAT page for upcoming SAT exams and preparation for DCPS students.

STEP 4:  Research Cost of Colleges

  • College is an investment but don’t assume it is out of reach. The cost of college varies but there is financial aid available. Check out the Resources/Toolkit page for information on the various types of financial aid available.
  • Scholarships can help pay for part or all your college education. Check out the Scholarship page for a list of scholarships and sign-up for the DCPS Dollars4College Newsletter to receive a monthly list of local and national scholarships available to DC students.
  • Once accepted into college, you will receive a financial aid award letter, use the DCPS Award letter calculator to compare your award letters and analyze the cost of college.