FAFSA Completion Support @ Lamond-Riggs Library

Event Location: 5401 South Dakota Ave NE, Washington, DC 20011
Date: 01/25/2024 Hours: 5-7 pm

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The DCPS College Prep and Persists Team will help you complete your 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and answer your financial aid questions!

Both the student AND their parent contributor(s) should attend the meeting together, if possible.

Materials required to complete your FAFSA:

  • Student FSA ID and password
  • Parent Contributor(s) FSA ID(s) and password(s)
  • Parent Contributor 2022 Taxes (if applicable)
  • Student 2022 Taxes (if applicable)
  • List of savings: cash, checking & savings
  • List of assets including: child support received in 2022, value of business/farm, value of 529 plan, value of non-primary home, value of investment accounts

Retirement accounts are not reported on the FAFSA.