COLLEGE READINESS SERIES: College Admissions Prep in Today’s Changing Landscape

Event Location: Online
Date: 10/14/2020 Hours: 11:15-12:00

The college admissions landscape has drastically shifted this year with the Coronavirus pandemic, and it will continue to change. With universities moving toward virtual course offerings and test optional admissions, how students apply to and attend college may change for good. Many students this year, for example, have chosen to take a gap year.

Join this interactive session to learn how to approach college admissions in this changing landscape. We’ll explore areas such as changing application requirements, adjusting to virtual learning, picking a college major, choosing relevant essay topics, and figuring out college fit (is college even right for you?).

This session is part of the College Readiness series of virtual presentations. Click here to see the rest of the line-up!

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